The Greater Cincinnati SMPS chapter has had the privilege to be led by incredible industry leaders throughout our more than 30-year history. We thank each and every one of these past presidents for their service to the chapter during their term and continued support of the chapter for years after their official term of office. 

Past Presidents

Term in Office Name
2017-18 Jennifer Danforth
2016-17 Jennifer Sebranek
2015-16 Amanda Roehl
2014-15 Pamela Roebel
2013-14 Lisa Koressel, CPSM
2012-13 Diane Hansbury
2011-12 Lindsay Wilhelm
2010-11 Diana Bauknecht
2009-10 Jason Ulmenstine
2008-09 Jim Hahn
2007-08 Alison Tepe-Guy
2006-07 Jim Wasserbauer, CPG, CPSM
2005-06 Bethany Rustic Smith, FSMPS, CPSM
2004-05 Russ Sanford, CPSM
2003-04 Laurie Buckman, CPSM
2002-03 Lisa Rowell
2001-02 Dan Dugan
2000-01 Gretchen Theissen
1999-2000 Liz Zimmer
1998-99 Nancy Goins, CPSM
1997-98 Donna Wirth
1996-97 Melissa Lutz, FSMPS, CPSM
1995-96 Melissa Lutz, FSMPS, CPSM
1994-95 Amy Ostigny
1993-94 Amy Ostigny
1992-93 Al Ouziel
1991-92 Kim Curtis
1990-91 Amy Ostigny
1989-90 Moniqua Suits
1988-89 Bill Powell
1987-88 Judi Cline-Kadetz
1986-87 John Pol
1985-86 Burton Middlebrooks
1984-85 Fred Weckel, AIA
1983-84 Juanita Mills
1982-83 Juanita Mills