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The Society for Marketing Professional Services (SMPS) is committed to being the premier source for education and information in marketing professional services in the built and natural environments. In keeping with this mission, SMPS has conducted a practice analysis of professional services marketing to articulate and confirm the profession's body of knowledge and the skills most critical to professional competence.

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MySMPS is a robust online community that connects SMPS members from all over the country with the people, information, and opportunities that make building business easier. Find a directory of SMPS members from across the country, sample documents, answers to key questions and resources to help you do your job better and make the connections you need to build your business. 

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SMPS, the recognized leader in education and information for marketing professional services, offers a credential that recognizes the marketing expertise you have achieved: Certified Professional Services Marketer (CPSM). What is the value of being a CPSM?