May 27

Project Tour - Cincinnati Ballet

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Jun 17

Cocktails and Commendations

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CPSM Certification

GCSMPS wants to help to make you indispensable!

This year, we are implementing a program to encourage our members to better themselves and further their careers by becoming Certified Professional Service Marketers. GCSMPS will reimburse members for the following items if they meet the following requirements: 

  • GCSMPS will pay for your Markendium study materials IF the member attends all CPSM Study Sessions (max $159 value) 
  • GCSMPS will pay for the exam fee (not registration fee) IF the member passes the exam by December 31, 2017 ($275 value) 


This year’s study group will meet starting February 20 and will meet every other Tuesday to cover each of the 6 Domains of Practice. 

Your marketing skills are vital to the lifeline of your firm. Every day you further your company’s growth by identifying new project opportunities, developing business relationships, and getting your company’s name in front of prospective clients. That’s your job as a professional services marketer. SMPS, the recognized leader in education and information for marketing professional services, offers a credential that recognizes the marketing expertise you have achieved: Certified Professional Services Marketer (CPSM).

WHY CPSM? What GCSMPS Members Have to Say

"Earning my CPSM has been a professional goal since entering the A/E/C industry eight years ago. When I became the first full-time marketing professional hired by my firm, certification became crucial. Not only did it deepen my knowledge and understanding of the six domains of practice, but I can now help my technical professionals understand the marketing and business development side of our industry."
-- Jennifer Danforth, CPSM, Proposal Manager, Woolpert


"Obtaining my CPSM helped my professional growth in several ways. First, it challenged me to finally accomplish a goal I had set several years prior. Studying for the exam helped me improve in my position day-to-day. Achieving my CPSM earned me a promotion and a salary increase. Continuing to be a part of the CPSM-centered forums and educational events have futhered my professional development."  
 Lisa Koressel, CPSM, Marketing Director, Skanska USA


"Since I made the change from project engineer to business developer, the CPSM did two main things for me. It provided a mechanism to help me gain the knowledge I needed to become the most effective business developer I can be, and it has provided me credibility. I'm really glad I earned this certification.
-- Mike Glen, P.E., CPSM, Director of Business Development, Skanska USA



"Earning CPSM recognition has strengthened my confidence and credibility by confirming my knowledge and skill levels across all major aspects of our role responsibilities - marketing research, marketing planning, client and business development, proposals, promotional activity, and management. With a solid foundation in these six domains of practice, a career in professional services marketing could grow beyond expectations."
 Cynthia Jackson, FSMPS, CPSM, Marketing Manager, CMTA Consulting Engineers


Expanded credibility as a professional in the A/E/C community

  • Expanded professional network
  • Increased potential for additional compensation and career benefits
  • Access to the CPSM ListServe, an excellent resource for answers to your questions, a source for valuable ideas from CPSM's across the nation

GCSMPS encourages you to become indispensable by taking the CPSM exam. We offer reimbursement options that can help save hundreds of dollars for those who join the GCSMPS study group and attend all of the sessions. 

If you are interested in participating in this year's CPSM Study Group, please contact the Education Chair at [email protected] 

To learn more about the CPSM designation, visit http://www.smps.org/Markendium-and-cpsm/