Lights! Camera! Action!

April 13, 2021
11:30 AM - 1:30 PM


Lights! Camera! Action!

RedFox Media will guide you through the planning, production, and post-production of your marketing videos.  This two-session course is designed to show you how to use some of their strategies for writing, shooting, and editing video content to supplement your marketing strategy.

Day 1 (April 13) - Planning and Preparation: Choosing which video to make and setting expectations.

During this session, RedFox Media will cover all of the things that need to happen outside of the production process. They will talk about deciding what kind of video to make and defining goals. Then cover what is arguably the most crucial aspect of filmmaking, the pre-production process, and making sure your video goes from script to post as smoothly as possible. Lastly, they will talk about posting and maximizing your effort with each project you take on. While this lesson doesn’t cover producing a video, these are all topics that are necessary to make sure that your videos happen and meet your ROI.

Day 2 (April 20) - Gear, Production, and Post-Production: Crash course on the production process.

For the second lesson, they focus on producing a video. This will include choosing your equipment along with recommendations for different budgets. From there, they will walk you through the various aspects of production, how to frame a shot, set your microphone, lighting, and operating basics for cameras. Then they will walk you through a basic post-production process and offer tips along the way that will keep you sane.

Few businesses realize the potential their own story brings to the marketplace. Since 2012, RedFox Media has been helping businesses capitalize on their most valuable asset, their story. From driving new sales to creating passionate fans, this Louisville creative video agency turns those stories and messages into inspirational and marketable content. This dorm room startup turned creative company has helped organizations, businesses, and nonprofits promote products, reinforce brands, and create customers for life. With services ranging from video strategy/creative development to full production services, RedFox Media will show you how sharing your story through video can change everything.

SMPS Domains of Practice (for CPSM): Domain 5 Promotional Activity

Paul Goodyear
Paul Goodyear is the Founder/Owner at RedFox Media. He started the business in 2012 to help small businesses tell great stories. After graduating with a BA in Media Communications, Paul began focusing on developing the business. He brought on friends to help and eventually hired a few employees. Though he loves crafting images and being on set, a lot of his time is spent doing IT,  business operations, and accounting. The mission was to make the best films and images possible. Now with a small team and a stable base, he hopes to guide RedFox to a place where creatives can tell the stories they’ve always dreamed of telling.

Faye Goodyear
Project Manager
Faye Goodyear is the Project Manager at RedFox and wife to Paul. Upon graduating from Baylor University, she moved to Louisville to pursue her Master’s. She joined the RedFox team to put her background in administration and project management to work in an industry she’d grown to love. Though she enjoys her time on set, she puts in most of her hours creating proposals and handling project timelines and details. She is the only RedFox team member who did not attend film school, but once she learned about RedFox and saw the film industry, she knew it was exactly where she wanted to utilize her skill set. Her passion is to keep RedFox running smoothly and to help other businesses understand and utilize film in the most efficient and effective way possible.

Jaimie Hockema
Post Production Supervisor 
Jaimie Hockema is the Post Production Supervisor at RedFox. She fell in love with storytelling while growing up in Thailand and moved to Kentucky to graduate from Asbury University with a BA in Media Communications. The first project she volunteered to edit was a parody video her friend had created for fun. She enjoyed herself so much, she continued to volunteer for the undesired role and worked at a camp putting together seven videos a week for the summer. When she joined RedFox, she was able to dive deeper into color grading, graphic design, and minor animation. Her job is to take each client through the post-production process, so they enjoy it as much as she does. 

April 13 & 20 11:30- 1:30 pm

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