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Are you looking to take your career to the next level? Or, are you a seasoned veteran with experience and insight to share? 

Greater Cincinnati SMPS is excited to continue our Mentorship Program! The program reflects the SMPS mission to advocate, educate, and connect.  The program will match young professionals with experienced professionals to share experiences, exchange professional ideas…all while creating relationships unlike any other.  This program is accountable, with tools and resources, that will give participants a satisfactory experience and value for their membership.


“Being a mentor is enlightening, rewarding, and fun. It is humbling to think that someone is putting their trust in me to guide them and educate them to grow in their professional and personal lives. We all have many journeys we want to take in life, why not reach out to someone who has already walked the path and survived its challenges along the way. I cannot stop the adversity my protégé’s face, besides they need to experience it to help them learn, but I can give them encouragement and tools to make their way through it with confidence and grace.”
-- Liz Zimmer, Principal/Marketing Manager, THP Limited Inc.


As a mentor, you will: 

  • Provide guidance based on past experiences, both good and bad
  • Take time to help Mentees learn more about the industry
  • Create a positive counseling relationship with open communication
  • Help Mentees identify problems and help provide solutions
  • Refer Mentees to other professionals, where appropriate

As a mentee, you will: 

  • Acquire guidance for growing your career
  • Increase your knowledge and professional understanding
  • Network with industry colleagues and senior leaders
  • Learn more about issues and trends specific to the A/E/C industry


To get involved in the mentorship program, please fill out and return forms to [email protected].

Mentorship Application - Mentee

Mentorship Application - Agreement

Stay tuned for more details about this year's timelines and program details. Contact GCSMPS President Elect with questions at